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Recently I did an interview with Channel 2 works for you. Below I posted what was said and happened during the interview. I respect Channel 2 and understand the world of editing.
I like the fact that this bill separates marriages from state, religion from state, spiritual preference from state, and non-spiritual preference from state. I don't agree with or like the initial reasoning and there are many things about the bill I don't like or agree with, such as if you don't have a church as a clergy you will not be able to perform the marriages as it reads right now. I will be for it if that changes. Not for me, but for couples who do not want a church style or traditional wedding. I will be watching this bill closely. One thing I did say about gay and leisban couples is that gays and leisbans are like everyone else they love; they just happen to love the same sex. Everybody loves different people. I love what I am able to do and I love being budget friendly. Also, keep this in mind, years ago, many years that is, marriage was not in the hands of the state. Some say that God began marriages; but I say people and love between two souls began marriages long before then. I will continue to perform weddings as long as the law will allow, for all couples; gay, leisban, or straight, tall, short, etc. It is a joy for me to be apart of the marriage celebrations. Many blessings everyone.